My Birth Plan & opting for csection By Nicki

My original homebirth dream was shattered recently when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (humph). From that day, it’s all changed! I am no longer allowed a homebirth due to being “High Risk” now. I was a bit gutted but lets face it, baby 2’s safety is much more important than my birth plan!
So… after scans and consultant appointments I was told I was being induced at 38wks, that myself and bubs would be closely monitored, I would need a drip for the glucose, another for this, this and that. Jeez! Not the active birth I expected and I was very upset to be told that as baby is bigger than he should be for his dates (due to the GD) there is a much higher risk of forceps (etc) and I’m at least three times more likely to have to have an emergency c-section. Add to this the fact that bubs may need to have a short spell in Special Care to regulate his levels as he will be making too much insulin to combat my too-high sugar. Ok then, didn’t expect that.

Since then I haven’t been able to control my sugars with tablets and am now on insulin, the dose of which is increased every 2-3 days as the levels are still not anywhere near where they should be, and I am on first name terms with everyone at the diabetic centre at the hospital and the maternity unit, as I am at both at least once a week. Bubs seems fine so far as am I (although absolutely shattered, both bodily and mentally!) but I have to have yet another scan next week to recheck the amount of fluid around baby as he is on the low side of the expected amount, and GD babies usually are the opposite with extra fluid.  Never rains but it pours!

It’ll all be fine but we’ve had to really think a lot about the birth and how it’ll all work and after much research, discussion and soul searching we spoke to the consultant about an elective csection. I must admit I half expected to have to really fight for one but in light of everything going on, and the risk of having to go through a lengthy and quite possibly unsuccessful induction and an emergency c-section, (further distressing bubs!) and the fact that I was well aware already of the pros and cons, they agreed without too much wrangling at all.

So – do not have a homebirth, do not stop at hospital natural birth, go straight to csection.
And this is why I’ve been a bit quiet for a while, it has all been very full on!

I will get my date for csection next week after the next scan to check the fluid (I don’t know what will happen if the fluid has dropped further, I imagine I might meet bubs sooner than expected!), and the date when I will be admitted the week before for two days for IV steroids, so at least will be able to plan around that. Boy will I be glad when this fella is here and safe and we can all get home and start life as a family of four!
(I know I promised the short version… this was the short version!).

Not my usual type of blog as you’ll see but also a blatant attempt to gained extra info/experiences of csection from those that have been there so do comment if you have anything to share.

Nicki xx


2 Responses to “My Birth Plan & opting for csection By Nicki”

  1. Diane Says:

    OMG this could have been written by me as I am going through exactly the same thing other than my first pregnancy, during which I did not/was not tested for GD, I ended up with an emergency section due to pre-eclampsia and baby getting stuck/distressed.
    I am currently 35w5d, have a section booked at 38 weeks on 30th November, will be admitted for 2 days (25/26th Nov) for IV insulin/steroids and didnt have to fight for a section as been there done that!!
    At least this time I am assured that everything will be much calmer in theatre, can have music if we wish, hope to be first on the list on 30th as told to arrive at 8am and if no emergencies will be in for 9am, hope to be up and about that evening (had 1st at 3.38pm and up and about 10am next morning but felt like hit by a train cos I had endured 20hrs labour beforehand) and fingers crossed if everything okay with this little one home Thurs/Fri of same week.
    With previous section was out day 5, walked to the chemist that afternoon, was at a babyshow at NEC at 4 weeks post and took it easy!!

    • bizziebaby Says:

      Dear Diane, So pleased that this time you have been assured everything will be much calmer. Take care and do let us know how it all goes on the 30th. We will all be thinking of you. The Bizziebaby team

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