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Life with Bizziebaby………………..

Hello there again back with my latest update.  It has been a fantastic week lots going on at home and at BB HQ.  The weather has been gorgeous, out come the summer clothes and off with the heating again.  Did you know it is only just over 10 weeks till Christmas, where has this year gone?

So what has my family been up to this week?   This week my daughter Lauren went on a Hospitality Trip to several Food Chains to research this industry, which she really enjoyed.  This will all go towards her GCSE’s.  My son Scott had a French day at school and a lady came in and taught them about French culture.  They even got to taste different French foods, but he said they didn’t get to taste frog’s legs and snails.  I told him I didn’t think he missed out!  It is my husband’s birthday today and Scott’s at the weekend, so a very expensive month.

So what have we been doing this week at BB HQ.  Well we have been very busy with new members still coming through thick and fast, getting questionnaires out and reviews online and allocating new products, to name but a few.  Also with the launch of Bizziebaby TV a couple of weeks ago it has been a very busy week. 

We also attended The Baby Show Trade last weekend, where we met and caught up with companies from the baby industry.  We introduced ourselves and signed up with several new companies, who have some very exciting and innovative products that they will be launching soon. It was a very successful day and an enjoyable one.  I was talking to one Company and was reminded of a very important fact about washing out stained clothes i.e.: baby sick, urine, blood etc, which I thought I would share with you.  Did you know in order to kill the bacteria of the baby sick, urine etc when machine washing you need to wash at a minimum of 65 degrees?   

Remember we have a Post Office Window set up, a place you can sell your baby and toddler items and no FEES or Commission charged, yes no fees!  We also run a BB Shop which stocks fashion beaded Jeweler, etc, so if you are looking for ideas for Christmas come and visit our shop .  Yes Christmas will be here before you know it!

We also have a weekly Bizzie TV competition and this week the prize is a remote control tarantula toy.  Ideal for Halloween.  This competition ends on the 29th October so send in your video of your ‘Must Have’ product.  Tell us why it is so good, how it works, why you like it so much and name of product and where you purchased it.  So get filming and enter this weeks fab comp.  Just send your video to and this will go live on Bizzie TV for everyone to vote.  Great prize and good luck everyone.

You can always contact us if you need any questions answered and our office telephone number is 0845 2930998 or just email us   Website: or Blog us –

Thanks for visiting our Blog and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.  Have a great week everyone.  Sharon


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