Our Holiday in Wales By Kim Tonkinson

My holiday in Wales Blog

Monday 19th April

Well its 6:45am; we are up, dressed, car is packed and we are ready to go on our holidays. We are all just giving our dog Harvey a big fuss before we go as we can’t take him with us; my sister is looking after him. Harvey is one thing we will miss while we are away.

First stop, to pick our friends up and re-load the car…..twice! J We didn’t realise how much stuff we had all packed…. we are only going for 6days!  Next stop is fuel! How much does it cost? I am not even going to get started on that!

Well we are now well and truly on our way – Baylie has the Chipmunks 2 on…..and guess what? We are stuff in traffic already. This is going to be a long journey; I think we will all know the Chipmunks songs off by heart by the time we get there! J

We have now arrived after 4 hours journey with ½ hour stop for breakfast and toilet stop. And all I can say is perfect! The caravan is perfect, weather is perfect, caravan site is perfect and the company is perfect!

We unload the car and unpack straight away, best to get that job done then we can start to enjoy ourselves. We decided to talk a walk around the caravan site to have a look around, ended up on the park. Baylie went on everything from the swings to the slide and roundabout. We even went on the swings too. We all have fab time but getting little tired now what with getting up so early and the driving. We went back to the caravan.

Everyone went to sleep for hour or so…..except Baylie….so we played snakes and ladders and read some books.  Once everyone woke we ate tea and got ready to go out to the club house. Ohhhh Baylie did enjoy herself…and guess who was up dancing to the club song…Me! And I loved every minute. Around 10pm Baylie started to get quite tired, she asked when it was time for bed. So we took her back, got her ready for bed and she was asleep before we knew it. She had had such a long exciting day.

I had a bloody mary as a night cap….Perfect….Night night

Tuesday 20th April

Well after a very good night sleep Baylie woke at 8:30am, everyone else was up at 8:30. Now it’s time for the full English breakfast!!! Mmmm was yummy! We decided to make the most of the day as it was still quiet early, we decided to go swimming and it was great. Baylie had her armbands on and was splashing everywhere. The lifeguard gave her a float and she loved it even more.

After swimming we went back to Caravan for lunch the decided to go for a walk….and when I say walk I mean a very, very, very long walk to Killwalli Castle. Baylie slept most of the way. It was down long narrow, bendy, up and down roads. It was so peaceful. It was about 3mile walk to the castle and once we got there is was just beautiful. We all went up the towers and once we was up there the view was amazing! We could see for miles and miles. Just beautiful it was. We spent about 2 hours around the castle and then decided to go back to the site, and oh yes the very, very, very long walk back to the site J

We had to cross a rail way crossing to get to the caravan site. I was about 6 meters ahead of the others pushing Baylie and as I was half way across the crossing the bell started to ring to say a train was coming, bearing in mind this train track was for high spend trains! I screamed and never ran so quick in all my life! As I got to the other side I turn around to find the others in stitches laughing at me, what are they like? J And sure enough the train went so fast past us! Ok it was about 2minuyes later! Lol

We got back to the site and thought we would be nosey at the for sale caravan, oh they were posh! It is now my mission to convince Dave to buy oneJ. We went to the pub on site then to get some tea save us cooking when we get to the caravan. We all had pudding and somehow we ended up with a free plate of perfiter rolls, we quick ate them between us before the waiter noticed.

We had a quite night in that night, had few drinks and chatted, was a lovely relaxed night, all ready refreshed for our adventures tomorrow…Night night.


Wednesday 21st April

Well the weather is getting better and better as the week goes on, we could not have picked a better week to come away, and its only April.

Today’s plans are that we are going to Penbury Country Park. It is like a huge forest with lots of activities and things to do. As soon as we get there we hear straight for the beach. Miles and miles of golden sandy beach! Just heaven. We find a secluded sand dune and we set up camp. Baylie makes sandcastles and collects shells. Dave decides to talk her to the sea which leaves  me, Linds and Chris to soak up the sun! So peaceful! After we have spent about 2hours on the beach we head off to find so food for dinner.

We found a great little place we all got refuelled. Our next stop at the country park was the adventure playground for Baylie but to be honest we all was on it too J. The next stop was the pony and horse stables. The horses were huge. It was a shame Baylie couldn’t ride a pony as she wasn’t old enough. Have you ever tried to tell a 3year old she can’t ride on a pony! Not easy.

By this time we were all tired. At this country park it is that big we had to drive from place to place and it wasn’t long before Baylie fell asleep. So guess what? There was a golf chip and put course there so the lad went and played that while Baylie slept in the car. Linds and me also has an hour’s kip too ready for gong out tonight.

On the way back to the caravan, we stopped at an Indian takeaway restaurant and ordered food to take away with us and had that for tea! Mmmmm was just what we needed, was lovely. We was soon ready and went out to the club house.

That night Baylie meet a friend, she was also 3. They danced and played with each other all night, it was lovely seeing them together. I got a little bit tipsy tonight, drinking rose wine, have a feeling I am going to feel rough in the morning…..Night night

Thursday 22nd April

I didn’t think the weather could get any better but it sure does. It is gorgeous! Not a cloud in the sky and it is actually getting quiet warm. Not feeling as bad as I thought I would be, which is a relief. Our plan today is to go to Burry Port. We haven’t a clue what is there but been told it’s worth a visit.

After about ½ hour’s drive we arrive at this beautiful harbour with a few shops and a lighthouse. We went for a walk around. It is so warm I am glad I brought Baylie some sun cream. After a relaxing walk it was dinner time and what do you have for dinner in a harbour but fish and chips. We all had fish and chips and sat on the benches and grass to eat them out of the white wrapping. It was just great! After we had finished we walked to find an ice cream van so ice cream for pudding.

We then make a group decision to go back to the caravan via a butcher so we can have a bbq for our tea. The lads said they would cook….well that is if they could start the bbq. It took them over an hour to light it! Boys ay? Lol

We then quickly got ready and went out again to the club house so Baylie could play with her new found friend.  Baylie and I had a caricature drawn tonight, it was brilliant. As the man was drawing us we had a crowd watching J. We didn’t have a late one tonight as we had a lot planned for tomorrow….Night night.

Friday 23rd April

Well yet again the weather is beautiful, perfect beach weather! J We all get up nice and early so we can set out to Saundersfoot. Dave has been there before with work and he says how beautiful it is there. Because of how nice the weather is we planned to take a picnic with drinks with us, we filled the freezer box with goodies.  So off we go on an hour journey to get there, yet again Baylie is watching the Chipmunks!  And yes we all do know the words now to the film! J We had to stop off at the supermarket on the way as I had had a crisis, I didn’t have enough summer tops with me. The sunny hot weather had definitely caught me off guard.

When we arrived we all was amazing on how beautiful the town was, just perfect for the weather.  We started by walking round, looking in shops and just getting our bearing really. Nearer lunch time we found ourselves a perfect spot in the sun for our picnic. And boy it was just perfect. Linds and I had a lovely glass of rose and Baylie had blackcurrant squash in same glasses as us, so she thought she had the same as us and we all tucked into the food. After we ate Dave and Chris took Baylie to get an ice-cream which meant some valuable sun bathing for me and Linds….Just prefect it was J After couple hours chilling we decided the beach was calling us, so we all took our shoes off and off we went paddling. Baylie just loved it and to be honest we all was like big kids and was loving it just as much.

 Time was getting on and we had to think about heading back as we were planning to have a good night out tonight. We all fell asleep on the journey back, poor Dave driving. I tried to stay awake but it must have been the sea air J On the way back in the village near the site we picked up a Chinese and had that for tea, it was scrummy!

Went to the club house and watched Baylie while she took part in the children’s entertainment. Baylie loved dancing all night with her friend and the entertainment was great. The drinks were flowing lovely tonight, Tomorrow was our last day and we didn’t really want to drink tomorrow night as we had a long journey home. Linds and I was feeling pretty tipsy by the end of the night, I do hope I don’t have a sore head in the morning…..Night night

Saturday 24th April

We all had a bit off a lie in today after our late night last night. I wasn’t feeling too bad but everyone else was feeling pretty rough. As it was our last day I cooked a full English breakfast which went down a treat. I decided to take Baylie to the club house so she could play in the indoor play area, just trying to make the most of the day. We left everyone else recovering from last night. After about an hour Baylie playing Dave turned up so we went off to pub for some lunch plus the football scores was on. After the footie we went to the arcade. All week Baylie has had her eye on the chipmunks on the grabbing machine. Well Chris the star, played and played the machine until he won all three – Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Getting Simon was more difficult; we had to talk nicely to the man who worked there to put Simon in the top so we could grab him easily. He was tucked right under you see and Chris couldn’t get the claw around him. Once the nice man moved Simon Chris got Simon and Baylie was so pleased she was nearly crying J We thought we might go back now as time was getting on and I hadn’t even started packing. Poor Lindsay was still feeling very ill from last night, at least it was a good night. We staying in tonight, had some takeaway food from the pub on site and just chilled. We were a bit disappointed that our holiday was coming to an end but was looking forward to seeing Harvey. We had a pretty early night tonight and no I hadn’t started packing yet either :-s …..Night night

Sunday 25th April

Well its here, home time. I was a bit gutted as we had had the best time ever. Everything was perfect – the weather, the caravan, the site and more so the company we had….that had made our holiday.  After finishing off tidying the caravan, packing and loading the car up we decided to go to the club house and spend an hour in the arcade….over the week we had collected tokens and want to spend them. We started our long drive back, we was all sad as we had all had great time…..

Here’s to amazing family and friends that made a fantastic holiday for me J



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