Life With Bizziebaby – By Sharon

Life with Bizziebaby………………..

Hello there again back with my latest update.  Well what about the terrible weather we have had this week, time for rain coats and wellies for sure.  Just keeping fingers crossed it improves for us all this week.  One good thing is the stupendous autumn colours which truly are amazing to see.

So what have I been up to this week?   If you read my last blog you will know I have 2 children Lauren and Scott. This week Lauren made Macaroni Cheese at school she was so pleased with herself when she came home.  We tasted it and it was lovely.  Scott started his Cineworld Club where he gets to make a film with other students from his school and it is shown in other schools and in Cineworld Cinemas, he is so excited. 

Lauren has finally got her Statement for her ADHD and this means she will get extra help at school, which is great news.  She will get 1 to 1 support in some of her classes which she desperately needs to get her through her GCSE’s.   It has been such a battle trying to get this, we have been trying since she was 9 years old, but we have finally got there in the end.  Let’s hope that it is not too late for her to catch up!

So what have we been doing this week at BB HQ, well more reviews going live  online and some fantastic products come through for testing again.  These include Bumpbands, Buggy Snuggle, Kurvy Pushchair,  Designer  Umbrellas, Breast Pumps to name but a few. You can always keep updated with all our review updates and new products coming through by following our group facebook page as our team of ladies update daily. 

I would also like to welcome all our New Members, we hope you enjoy the Bizziebaby website, catch up and make friends on the forum and join in the fun.  Thank you for your support and welcome to you all.  

Remember we have a Post Office Window set up, a place you can sell your baby and toddler items and no FEES or Commission charged, yes no fees!  We also run a BB Shop which stocks fashion beaded Jewellery, etc, so if you are looking for ideas for Christmas come and visit our shop .  Yes Christmas will be here before you know it!

Our Bizziebaby forum is growing so welcome to all our new forum members as great to catch up with everyone and make new friends.  We would also like to welcome our new Moderators great to have you on board and thank you for donating your time.  We all look forward to staying in touch.  Our moderators are volunteers and they do a grand job, so click onto the forum and catch up with them all.

Oh and our new BizzieTV – Yes we now have our BizzieTV You Tube channel.  This is set up so our Bizziebaby testers can send in their own video reviews.  this is a new service and only a few video reviews uploaded presently, but more to follow.  I know we all love reading reviews but always so good to see a video on how the item works.  Our Bizziebaby team will also be filming reviews for new products coming through and these will be posted as guideline to how product works, looks, where to purchase and a quick overview on how to use.  A guideline to new products coming through for online review.  So if you have tested products in the past and wish to submit your own video review just send to Becky and team will upload online and post news on our Facebook and twitter pages.  Don’t forget send your own video reviews (can be on items you have had in the past, or items you are reviewing now) to:-

You can always contact us if you need any questions answered and our office telephone number is 0845 2930998 or just email us   Website: or Blog us –

Thanks for visiting our Blog and I look forward to catching up with you all next week.  Have a great week everyone.  Sharon


2 Responses to “Life With Bizziebaby – By Sharon”

  1. crazyaboutmoo Says:

    Hello sharon, really glad lauren has got sorted, must be such a relief!
    Defo need wellies, rain coats,brellas (as eden calls them) and anything else waterproof up here in yorkshire!

    • bizziebaby Says:

      Hi Sabrina thank you for your comments and certainly is a relief. With all the rain we have been having wellies, rain coats and brollies must have been selling like hot cakes. Well you are in the land of the top waterproof clothing shops. take care and thanks for following my blog.

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