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September 22, 2010

Life with Bizziebaby………………..

Hello there I am Sharon you will have had email contact with me at some point during your membership with Bizziebaby and before I let you know what we have been doing this week a BB HQ I thought I would give you some information about me.

I am a Mum and I have 2 children Lauren 14 and Scott 10. I have been with my husband for 18 years now and last year we got married in Mauritius and took our family and friends out with us.  It was fantastic more than I could have ever imagined the place was so beautiful and the people there were amazing.  It was worth the wait. 

Being a parent can be very challenging at times but at the same time very rewarding.  I love being a Mum even though sometimes I wish I could change my name from Mum!  My daughter has ADHD which is fairly rare in girls and is mainly found in boys.  Meaning the signs and behaviour are so different from boys, it is such hard work, but there is the support from Schools and CAMHS which is great.  My son did have epilepsy “Petit Mals” which he inherited from me, but luckily enough he has been in remission for about 2 years now and has not had another episode. 

I was made redundant after working in the Mortgage Industry for 19 years the first time in my life I was out of work.  Life was so stressful and depressing then I was offered a role for Bizziebaby and since then I have never looked back.  I am passionate about Bizziebaby it is such a great place to work every day is different and it is very rewarding

So what have we been doing this week, well a lot of reviews have gone online and we have had some fantastic products tested.  We have attended some group events, school fetes, we drive around with BB logos on our cars and are always looking for new ways to promote Bizziebaby.  We are always catching up, running ideas past each other and sometimes an idea will come from a family member or friend and we think ‘Why did we not think of that!’  Just shows you never know what will happen next or where it will lead.  Makes life exciting and interesting. 

We try to keep everyone updated with all the news, latest special offers or new product launches and the girls will be posting on our Facebook group page daily, twittering daily and organising competitions and special discount offers for all our followers. 

I really enjoy reading the reviews as sometimes they point out a very important fact and suggest some great ideas for the future.  Some of our clients get in touch to say they have read the reviews and to let our members know changes are being made for the future.  Just shows you they listen to us.  Our membership is growing daily and we have Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Childminders, and even some teenagers who enjoy trying out new products.  

I have read some fantastic reviews and it still amazes me when I come across a product I have never seen or heard of.  Yes I click on and have a look and have found some great gifts for the family, and some helpful hints on health products and organic items.  You learn something new every day. 

So what do we have coming up, we have some great products testing for example:  Elle Tens Machine,  Hopnsqueak Shoes and Boots, SensaTONE (for pelvic floor), Bonnie Baby bi colour stripe rainbow sweater, BuggyPod, Kid-Sit for buggy, Dr Browns natural flow microwave steriliser to name a few.

We now have a Post Office Window set up on our Bizziebaby forum.  A place you can sell your baby and toddler items and no FEES or Commission charged, yes no fees!!.  We also run a BB Shop which stocks fashion Jewellery, etc so if you are looking for ideas for Christmas come and visit our shop.  Yes Christmas will be here before you know it!

Our forum is managed by volunteer members who do a great job.  You should take a look as lots of posts on a wide range of subjects, a section on Dreams now we could all do with analysing our dreams sometimes, a Spiritual section, quizzes, and lots more.  So have a cuppa and enjoy browsing the Bizziebaby forum.  Also a great place to meet new friends which is always a winner.  

If you have any ideas, subjects you would like to see covered on the forum just email us. 

If you need to get in touch and would like to speak to someone we can be contacted on our main telephone number 0845 2930998 or you can contact us via email  Website: or Blog us –

Thanks for visiting our Blog and I hope to see you here again next week for my weekly installment.

Back soon Sharon x