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He will be fine….. but will I? By Nicki

August 17, 2010

He will be fine….. but will I?

Half way through the summer hols and my sanity is still intact.

This is Kieran’s first “summer holiday off” as he has been at preschool for the past year and starts “big school” in September. I was initially very worried at how I would cope with keeping him entertained when clearly I do not have the saint-like enthusiasm the preschool teachers have, and mindful that I have more work now that I did before end of term AND that I am getting increasingly huge (pregnancy, not comfort eating!), I expected to be tearing my hair out by now. However…. I am loving it! There is little locally to entertain Kieran and the weather has been either so hot even he wants to stay indoors near the fan or so wet and windy we daren’t venture out for fear of being caught in a monsoon! Despite this, we have absolutely revelled in each other’s company – be it baking, doing crafts, jigsaw or games galore, visiting family, walking to the train station to train spot, bus trips out, play dates and lots of local walks collecting leaves, looking at bugs etc or just doing our own thing and enjoying our own time, it has worked wonderfully.

So what am I going to in September when he is gone all day?? He can’t wait (little traitor!) but I am increasingly aware that I am going to miss him terribly. The long-suffering hubby has promised to paint the nursery for baby2 the last weekend in August so that when I am faced with a very empty house all day long I can throw myself  into getting everything ready for baby and working (with the radio on loud…… very loud!) to occupy myself. Is this empty nest syndrome? Ok it’s not empty for long – just between 8.50am and 3.45pm Monday – Friday but still I am not used to, and I know I should be grateful of the break to myself as baby2 is due in early December but I am really struggling with the idea of my firstborn baby (and he is still my baby says a very precious Mummy!) being away all day and I suspect more so not needing me. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to keep him at home either, I know he needs more and am sure he will thrive at school, but it’s very harrowing.

So come on Mums and Dads – is this pregnancy hormones, am I being precious or is this a common thing, mourning the end of an era. If anyone has any wise words or coping strategies I’m all ears!


Di’s Muffin of the Week Recipe

August 13, 2010
    Golden Granulated Sugar   150 grams   3   400 grams   2 tsp       Salt pinch 2 Eggs Beaten 100 ml Milk 100 ml  

250 grams     Golden Granulated Sugar
150 grams Butter Diced softened
3 Apples, eating finely chopped
400 grams Self Raising Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
Salt pinch
2 Eggs Beaten
100 ml Milk
100 ml Sunflower Oil
Extra sugar for sprinkling!


Pre heat the oven to 180’/170’Fan/Gas mark 4. Line the muffin tray with muffin papers.

Take a tablespoon each of sugar and butter and melt over medium heat in a small pan. Add the apples and stir over heat for 2 minutes until slightly soft. Remove from heat.

 Mix together the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Rub in the remaining butter. make a well in the middle and add the eggs, milk and oil. Stir it all together until blended. Stir in the apple.

Spoon the mix into the muffin tin and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake for 25 minutes, or until a skewer comes our clean when inserted into the middle. Cool on a wire rack. Store in an airtight container for up to 7 days.


Love Diane xxx