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Our Decorating Challenge!

April 15, 2010

Our Decorating Challenge By Kerry Baldwin

We are always being asked for our views on various subjects on our forum and when they found out we were decorating our Son and daughters bedroom they wanted to hear our story.

Right, where do I start?. It was coming up to our daughter and sons birthdays in March. They were being brought new beds from their Nanny and granddad so  we decided to decorate their bedrooms too. Courtney had pink and cream originally and Cameron had baby blue and cream. Courtney was about to turn 6 and Cameron was about to turn 4 so we thought it was definitely time.

My Dad has always decorated for us, bless him. We have never had to do it ourselves. I was 9 months pregnant when we got the keys to our house so my Dad, with the help of my Mom, Andy my hubby, other family members and friends, they did it all for me.

We gave Courtney and Cameron a choice of colours. Courtney chose pink and purple and Cameron chose blue and green from the Funky Colours range in B&Q which was odour free, which was perfect. I brought 6 rolls of 2000 grade thick lining paper from Crown that our friend, who is a decorator, advised us to get. This would ensure that any imperfections on the walls would be covered. We already had Gloss and white emulsion for the ceilings.

I started stripping Cameron’s room as his was the smallest of the 2. When Andy finished work he helped me too and we managed to do both rooms. I wanted to get everything right as this was our first attempt but was a little nervous at the same time. When Andy went back to work on the Monday I started sanding everything down, the skirting boards and the walls. I painted both ceilings white and started filling little holes that were in their walls with polyfiller that we had brought, thinking I was doing good. The next day I tried to sand down the filler but it was just like rubber and was making more of a mess than anything. I called my Dad for advice and he said that I needed to scrape it all off again. This was my first mistake and I was gutted, but you do learn from them I suppose so I back tracked and scraped it all off again. We had to have plastering done too as their was some dodgy patch ups from the previous home owners, and also we had a heater taken out from Courtney’s room as we had central heating fitted a couple of years ago. This had to be bricked up and plastered too which a builder friend of ours kindly did for us. It was slowly all coming together.

The ceilings needed a few coats of white emulsion. I had to keep stopping and starting whilst taking the kids to school so you can imagine what I looked like. I had specks of paint all over me.

We were finally ready to start papering. We had borrowed all equipment from my Dad, pasting table etc so that was a huge help. It took us a Saturday day to do Cameron’s and then all day Sunday to do Courtney’s. I really enjoyed this challenge and to be honest me and Andy did great. I was so pleased with what we had achieved. We made each strip of paper a little longer than the walls which I cut off on the Monday once it was completely dry with a Stanley knife. We had also taken the screws from our of the light switches and plug sockets so they came away from the walls a little, that way we could get the edges neater. We came across some difficulties as the walls were out but we got around them.

I started painting the 2 longest walls pink in Courtney room. Then went onto painting the green in Cameron’s room. Its was slowly coming together. I kept going in and looking thinking “We have done this”, I was so pleased. The next day I got cracking on the purple and the blue in Cameron’s room. Each wall needed a second coat which Andy helped with. They both looked lovely and so different to what they have had before. The following day I glossed both their doors and their skirting boards, and then all the painting was completed. I did scare myself at one stage glossing because I had all the windows open and I had taken the door handles off to gloss. Next thing I heard whilst I was up the ladder was SLAM, the door had blown shut and I was locked in. Luckily for me I had kept the metal bar inside the door so got a pair of pliers, which I had only taken up the night before, and was able to open it back up again. Trust me to do something like that.

All I needed to do was to sort out their toys and wardrobes and clean their carpets. I had 4 days before their beds were coming but I was well on target. I managed to do it all by the Thursday and their beds were due on the Friday. Unfortunately they were delayed but finally arrived a week later. They set their new beds up and put them in place. They looked so big compared to their junior beds, but I knew Courtney and Cameron were going to love them. We had brought them all new bedding which I couldn’t wait to add the finishing touches. I called them both upstairs to show them and as soon as Cameron saw his bedroom he said “WOW Mommy”, lol. He loves his new Toy Story bedroom. Courtney jumped straight onto hers too and told me that she loved her new room too. They looked so happy, bless them. Cameron has actually been coming into our room for the past 2 years now climbing into our bed and since having his new bed, he has slept all night in his own room for the past 5 nights. We are so proud of him.

To summarise it all up, I was worried at first before we started decorating when my Dad said he was busy but do you know what? I am glad. We were challenged and we succeeded and we worked great as a team. We are now thinking of doing our room now in a couple of weeks It’s such a great feeling to see the final result and to know that you did it.