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Aches and Pains!

September 30, 2009

We all lead busy lives these days, trying to fit everything into our day.  I am sure as parents you all go through days when you have a nagging headache, painful shoulder, back pain,  muscles just ache, or that time of the month.  Sometimes just sitting down with a good book or magazine and a hot cuppa gives us a chance to relax and catch a breath.  Other times we need a little more help.  Making sure your family is organised means you always have a well stocked medicine cabinet and something for every ailment.  However, take a step back and just think for a moment.  Are there other alternatives available.  Are they Safe?  Will They Work?  Now you start to google online and find natural health remedies.  While you are searching just have a look at some of the TENS units now available.  I know many of us are made aware of TENS when we are looking for pain relief during labour, but these units offer so much more.  We have been researching this recently as one of our team suffers from chronic shoulder pain when spending too much time on the computer.  As a member of the Bizziebaby admin team most of her time is spent uploading information online and we were all concerned.  So our search commenced.  We looked at loads of natural health remedies, and some are very effective, but we were looking for something we could keep by her computer and use when necessary.  Eventually we started looking into the benefits of a TENS unit.  Many of us did not realise you could use these for such a wide variety or general ailments.   Did you realise they can help headaches, back pain (so many of us suffer with back pain!), PMT, Stress, nausea etc.  We bit the bullit and decided to purchase a Smart TENS.  The reason was because it looked sexy, nice colour, looked light and easy to use and came with a neck cord.  We also called the companies helpline to find out more and ask questions about safety, can you use it and still take pain killers, would it hurt.  Well you can gather we had lots of questions.  The staff were really helpful and we decided to put this product to the test.  By this time our colleague was in agony.  She would arrive in the morning and within a few hours she would be rubbing her shoulder and we could see the pain on her face.  You should have seen her face when we presented the TENS unit.  We were all on hand to give advice and the best thing about this product is she could wear it while working at her computer.   All she had to do was place the pads over the painful area of her shoulder (using booklet for advice) and then start the treatment.  You can imagine we were all asking questions every 5 minutes.  She outlined the sensation did feel odd at first, like little ripples going through her body and was not sure she would get used to it.  After about 15 minutes we noticed she was working away and not rubbing her shoulder continually.  So something was doing a good job.  The TENS unit was used for a couple of weeks and anytime she felt the onset of the pain out would come the TENS unit.  It certainly helped ease the pain and was drug free, as we are all conscious of just how many drugs we are taking each month to deal with general aches and pains.  Needless to say this TENS is used all the time.  It has certainly helped her with shoulder pain and she wears it most days for short bursts to stop the pain in its tracks.  Also as the weeks have passed she has got used to the controls and increases the intensity of the treatment to combat the level of pain.   Amazing thing about these TENS is you can adjust them to deal with your ailment increasing the intensity or decreasing to suit your needs.  Now you are asking did we all try it?  Of course we did.  Some of us get terrible headaches and we all believe this is due to being in front of a computer for so long.  For some of us it worked, for others just gave light relief for a short period of time.  We have also tried this for back pain – nothing worse than sitting at your desk with major back ache, and certainly helped reduce the back pain.  One of our team has also purchased one for her husband who suffers from old sporting injury and seems to be working. 

We would never really have thought of using a TENS unit to deal with general aches and pains, as not something we associate it with.  Most of us just think of these as products you hire during labour.  How wrong could we be.  For a lot of us it was an eye opening experience and we are converts, for others was a minor success.  The one thing we all loved about these TENS unit is the flexibility and the fact they are drug free which means we are letting our bodies heal the natural way. 

When you are next sitting there with a headache, back ache or just muscle pain just take time to look at all the information available online for TENS units.  We purchased ours from Body Clock and you can also check out TENS units from or  They all offer a selection of TENS units to suit your pokcet and your condition.  Oh and they all have a selection of Pelvic Floor Toners, but that is another story.

If you have found other TENS companies with similar products on offer let us know.  We would love to hear from you, so drop us a note or post a comment and tell us about your remedies for dealing with aches & pains. email: SmartTENS


Lets discuss Health!

September 24, 2009

Staying healthy – Just the mention of the word ‘Healthy’ certainly gets us all talking about our views, products we have tried, best ways to stay fit, eat well, recipes and so much more.  As my old granny used to say eat what you like in moderation and you will be fine.  Could be some truth in there somewhere.  As you can gather this subject got us all talking about our views on looking after our families.  Many of us have tried exercise, and diets.  Trouble is we all agree as soon as we mention the word diet we crave all the things we should not have.  Some have worked and a lot of our team tend to agree the weight watchers programme has been the most effective for them.  However, everyone has a different metabalism and different diets suit different people.  The one thing we all agreed on was the fact we are now all enjoying cooking and preparing meals with our children.  So much fun can be had in the kitchen and at the same time we are teaching our children a skill and opening up their eyes to the joys of cooking and finding out so much about food.  A good place to start is try the Annabel Karmel ‘Cook It Together book’

Bizziebaby First Award Winners 2009/2010

September 13, 2009

bb-awards-logo-goldbb-awards-logo-silverbb-awards-logo-bronze--Parents Making a

Bizziebaby product review website is dedicated to one thing only – In depth product reviews from parents Nationwide.

A website showcasing detailed reviews on anything and everything applicable to a new and growing family.

For companies ideal source for market research.

For Parents ideal source of information on leading products to some of the new and unusual products available in the UK.

A chance for parents to read product specifications, informative reviews and finally all the information at their fingertips.  Giving them the opportunity to click onto relevant website, email, write of call the relevant company.  Could not be easier!

Bizziebaby Annual Awards are now open for entry – To find out more contact Becky Taylor email; or call 0845 2930998 know Parents Votes count and here are just some of the First to be awarded the NEW Bizziebaby Award 2009/2010.

 Emma Maternity Trousers from – Read why these were awarded Bizziebaby Gold Award.

Freya Designs – Range of Innovative boxes Wins Silver – Read why these were awarded Bizziebaby Silver Award.

The Gro Company win Bizziebaby Bronze award for the Gro Clock – Read more

Miniline Lighst win Bizziebaby Broze award for the Flower Mobile – Read more

Easy2name Iron On Name Transferrs Wins Gold – Ready why these unique labels have been awarded the Bizziebaby Gold  Award – Read More;

 Parents really are making a difference –

A website that is being updated, viewed, added to and informing all parents out there just what is on offer.

 For further information on the Bizziebaby 2009/2010 awards contact us;


Hauck Group Collection 2010

September 13, 2009
 Hauck Group presents the 2010 Collection –  Kind + Jugend – Cologne – Germany – 17th – 20th September 2009 – Hauck Group Exhibiting Hall 11.1, Stand D10/E19
Hauck will be presenting its most innovative and outstanding collection to-date at Kind + Jugend. Hauck Group offering something for everyone – Stylish – Practical – Sporty – Durable – Making life just that little bit easier for all the family. The HAUCK collection includes many new designs for buggies, car seats, travel cots, high chairs, all designed for safety, ease of use and versatility. HAUCK Disney Baby will be introducing the new Princess, Cars and Iconic Mickey design.  Disney Baby has and always will be a favourite with all families, bringing that little bit of Disney magic into the home. HAUCK fun for kids buggies will be introducing a few NEW additions.  Always striving to deliver the best for parents in today’s society.  The NEW 0+ car seats now incorporate the facility to fit onto iso-fix base. 
HAUCK I’ Coo will be showing the NEW Primo – One of the most innovative and advanced pushchairs to be introduced to the exclusive I’ coo range.  A new look which promises to make an impact.
Hauck Group – Hall 11.1, Stand D10/E19.
Tel: +44 (0) 1978 664362 Fax: +44 (0) 1978 661056
email: Group look forward to seeing you at the Kind + Jugend this year.  Please come along and visit Sue Griffiths to find out more about the Hauck 2010 collection.HAUCK
Just some of the great online reviews for Hauck group Travel cots  

Strollers –  

Travel Systems

Car Seat 0+ –







Bizziebaby Awards!

September 13, 2009



Bizziebaby Annual Awards Programme 2009/2010

Effective 15th September 2009

Welcome to the 1st Bizziebaby Annual Awards programme.  An awards programme whereby Parents Votes Count.  A chance for you to ensure parents know your products will successfully meet their demands.  If you think your product is an award winning item, then we would like to know about it!  Every company can enter – Just submit 3 of the same product for our Bizziebaby Testers to review.  Each product submitted will be reviewed over a 4 week period.  A comprehensive study of how each product works with Parents making the difference.

Each product will be Judged by our Team of testers all of whom are parents on:-

Quality – Packaging – Safety – Versatility – Design – Durability – Ease of Use – Effectiveness – Value for money.


The awards programme for 2009/2010 commences September 15th 2009.  Throughout the year you can submit products you feel will be voted the best by our team of Bizziebaby testers.   Bizziebaby Awards programme enables you to enter a product at any time of the year.  A programme delivering online reviews, promotional opportunities and information to the future purchasers – Parents & Families. 

Bizziebaby is an ever growing source of information for parents and growing families.  A website they can utilise to source news, reviews and updates on anything and everything relevant to them as a growing family.


To enter the Bizziebaby Annual Awards programme m just supply us with the following information: – Product Name, Price and Age Suitability.  There is NO ENTRY FEE, just submit chosen products for review.

Our team will then source Bizziebaby database and supply you with the name & address of 3 suitable Bizziebaby testers to review the item you are submitting.  Items submitted for review will not be returnable.  Each item will be reviewed over a 4 week period and a comprehensive questionnaire will be completed by our team of testers. Once reviews go live online if your product is an Award winner the logo will be automatically included within your review page and you will be forwarded link by our admin team.

Bizziebaby Gold – Silver & Bronze Awards – If you are an AWARD WINNER – The award winning logo will be posted online.  You will then be sent details of how to obtain the Bizziebaby Logos in EPS & JPG format and the official 2009/2010 Bizziebaby Certificate.  This will enable you to utilise your award logo within promotional material, press releases, advertisemts and on pack.

Cost to obtain official Bizziebaby Award logo and official certificate £20.00 – Terms of payment payable online only.

Entry Rules: – Products submitted have to be available to purchase in stores or online & approved by the recommended authorities for sale in the United Kingdom & Ireland. 


Parents Making a

Bizziebaby product review website is dedicated to one thing only – In depth product reviews from parents Nationwide.

A website showcasing detailed reviews on anything and everything applicable to a new and growing family.

For companies ideal source for market research.

For Parents ideal source of information on leading products to some of the new and unusual products available in the UK.

A chance for parents to read product specifications, informative reviews and finally all the information at their fingertips.  Giving them the opportunity to click onto relevant website, email, write or call the relevant company.  Could not be easier! knows Parent’s Votes count.

For Further information contact:- Becky Taylor

Email: or call us on 08452930998

Hauck scoop 3 Major Awards 09!

September 1, 2009

Hauck Group – I’coo Vario – Suitable From Birth – RRP £469.99

Available in Black/lime, Green/Sand, Blue/Beige, Red/Pink and Brown/Orange:- Matching Accessories include:- Snoog RRP £89.99, G-Pac changing bag RRP £69.99 and C-Care Plus First Stage Car Seat RRP £125.00 

Hauck Group – Disney Baby Starlight travel Cot – Suitable from Birth – RRP £149.99 – Available in Pooh Smile Black -Comes complete with mattress, Carry Case, detachable mobile and flip over changing station. 

Hauck Group Up n Down High Chair – Suitable from 6 Months Plus (when baby can sit up unaided) – RRP £139.99 -Versatile, height adjustable, and comes with own storage section at base to make life easier. Available in Circus and Zoo Beige. Website: – click online for local stockist or call 01978 664362

Award Winners announcement to be made on the 18th September 2009

  Introducing the ‘I’coo Vario’. With its outstanding looks, sleek lines and distinctive look of functionality. No wonder this is an award winner!  The Vario possesses many features such as; swivelling, lockable front wheels; Adjustable handle height; Fully reversible seat unit and a 3 position reclining seat, providing extra comfort for the little one on those lazy days.

Hauck Icoo & Jeep 2009 341


  The new ‘Disney Baby Starlight Travel Cot’ really is the mother of all cribs. The ‘Starlight travel cot’ is suitable  from birth. It sports a flip-over changing station; an entertaining mobile; pockets for all your babies must haves and remarkably enough, all folds down into its own unique carry case!  This cot is truly a testament to versatility and mobility. However, at the same time your keeping all your child’s comforts with them, wherever the family travels.

disney baby starlight travel cot

  The Hauck up n down high chair makes dinner time for the little one that little more enjoyable, as well as less hassle for mum and dad! A large, 3 poisition reclining seat provides that extra comfort for your little one’s, especially when sleepy after a big meal. The high chair also sports a detachable, washable play/food tray with a cup holder; a washable seat cover as well as being able to all fold into one compact package, perfect for travelling.  Plus a little Extra basket at base to store and hold baby toys and essentials. As a previous Gold winner in the Practical Pre-school awards, this high chair once again proves it’s award winning qualities.

Hauck Fun For Kids  2009 423

Award Winning Elle TENS!

September 1, 2009

  Babycare TENS  are pleased to announce that they have reached the finals of the major ‘Kind & Jugend’ innovation award 2009! This comes as no surprise to us that the Elle TENS has reached the finals of such a prestigous award due to its innovative design and incredible versatility. Delivering drug free pain relief during labour and much much more. Whether it be aches or pains, the Elle TENS will provide safe, drug free pain relief, whatever the issue.

  The Elle TENS is available for 35days hire, for £26.95, or can be purchased for £69.95 for that ‘any time-any place’ drug free pain relief. Helpline – 0500 220 061

  Click on the links below to read more reviews for the award winning baby care TENS range! 
Babycare TENS ElleTENS