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Family Fun Outdoors!

August 11, 2009

So, once again, summer is upon us! With our children on their summer holidays, we are looking for good value, interactive toys that will provide our children with hours of fun, rain or shine, enabling them to explore their inner, enthusiastic self. Not only are we looking for activities to keep the little ones occupied, its the perfect time to capitalize on the spare time you have with your child, and get the whole family involved.

With outdoor games such as swingball, or rounders, the whole family can get in on the action and just enjoy the summer fun. All the while strengthening those all important bonds between parent and child. Most of these games are portable and come in convenient carry cases. So perfect for those summer days out to the park, or a relaxing holiday abroad.

Other outdoor games such as building blocks, craft sets and interactive board games can amuse, entertain and excite the imagination of your young one. Building their confidence and their social ability!

Here are some websites which offer a wide variety of baby/toddler outdoor toys, trikes and scooters, for your family:

and finally look online at the Britains big farm tractors which will appeal to father and son alike!


The benefits of reading!

August 11, 2009

The sheer importance of reading cannot be underestimated, regardless of your background, your ability, or your age!

There are no shortage of books for the little ones, catering for their development from infancy. Not only is it good to start from a young age for academic reasons, but it can also ensure a sufficient level of confidence within your growing toddler. Furthermore, the interactive interface built in to some educational books can provide endless hours of fun and social engagement between you and your little one, building those first bridges in family bonds and bringing the family together.

Bed time can also be a time of enlightenment for your young one. A bed time story has the power to embellish your toddlers imagination with things beyond reality. Ultimately broadening their horizons and creative nature, but yet again, offering time for you to connect with your child.

Language and Literature provide us with so much joy, not only academically, but it broadens our perception of the world around us and makes us more competent when engaging in human contact throughout our lives. This is why we at Bizzie baby are always searching for exciting new books for our members to review!

Just a taster of some of the leading publishers who have supplied our testers with an amazing variety of books to review are:

TENS delivering Drug Free Pain Relief

August 6, 2009

Elle TENS unit

When you first find out you are expecting there are so many things that go through your mind, and so many products and information to read up on.  Normally during pregnancy we come across the word TENS.  Then our search continues and we look at the TENS units that are available to help us during labour.  What is TENS?  How Does it work?  Is it safe?  All questions that immediately spring to mind and our search for answers and more information continues.  Like so many it is a great learning curve and we are introduced to new and exciting products.  So to start at the begining What is TENS?
TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  Has been successfully used for many years by expectant women and professional midwives worldwide to treat labour pain.
How Does It Work?

When labour commences, simply apply the  pads to your back (always outlined in instructions for all TENS units) and switch the TENS machine on. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation. This will help to increase level of your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, press the booster button for the extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, press the booster button again – Simple – Safe – Easy To Use and delivers Drug Free Pain Relief.  TENS units can also be used  in conjunction with gas and air or pethidine.
You can find out all you need to know about TENS units for Labour by clicking onto and they have an easy to follow  informative Questions and answer section.  Plus you can read online reviews for the Award winning Elle TENS  Babycare TENS also offer a cost effective TENS unit called the Obi TENS and you can read online reviews by following this link

Another aspect of TENS is that it can help you deal with other pain such as:- • shoulder pain from breast feeding• menstrual pain• back pain• after pains• post-operative pain following a caesarian section.  Not something you normally relate to TENS units as our first thought is labour pain!!!  So just consider the fact that these can be used for many years after the birth helping you deal with back ache, shoulder pain, stress, muscle injuries, nausea and so much more.  Quite a superb item to have around especially with a growing family, as I am sure like us you have someone suffering from some ailment over the years.  These units are a superb investment and when you consider they are drug free and help your body heal the natural way then they are winners all round. 

There are a few major companies which are established and offer a superb online help service and have friendly staff you can call for more information.  We have listed them below to help you in your search.

TENS units just offer versatility and can be utilised to deal with a whole host of general ailments so read more online.

All your Nursery Needs Catered For

August 6, 2009

Dream 'n Care BabynestHauck Sport Stroller I'coo C-Care 1st Stage Car SeatAs a new family you are always looking for those innovative, versatile items you will need to serve you well from birth through to growing toddler years.  Our aim is to always look for companies that offer you a wide variety of choice catering for your needs as new parents through to advanced toddler years.  Hauck Group have been a great supporter and supplied us with a wide variety of products for our Bizziebaby Testers to review in depth.  Within the Hauck Group you have a wide variety of brands which incorporte Hauck Fun For Kids, Jeep, Disney Baby and the innovative stylish I’coo range.   One of the newest arrivals from Hauck Group is the versatile Dream ‘n’ care Babynest Travel cot.  Well not just a travel cot as our testers found out.  This is unique in size as only 89 x 51cm so will fit into even the smallest room.  Another factor to consider is this item is suitable from birth – 6 months and can therefore be used as first crib & Travel Cot.  Well worth reading the latest comments The Bizziebaby Silver Award winning travel cot is the Hauck Dream n Care and you can catch up on all the reviews online

This company also offers a wide variety of strollers, pushchairs, travel systems, prams and twin buggies and we have listed below just a few of the reviews online which will give you detailed information on perfomance, value for money and versatility. 

First Stage Car Seats on offer include the Award winning Zero Plus and a superb range of I’coo car seats which are easy to use and suited from birth upwards check out comments

The I’coo Plasma pushchair has been the beneficiary of the Which Best Buy Award  a versatile system that can be utilised as pushchair or travel system meeting all your needs and demands and link to review will give you informative and updated information from some of our testers


We all need those extra accessories and of course the stroller that we can just pop in the boot of the car, take on our travels and just have to hand whenever we are popping out for a few moments and need something that is easy to use and fold.  Hauck Group have a wide variety of strollers on offer meeting everyones budget and you can read lates on the Sport Stroller


With a variety of Travel, Nursery and feeding items Hauck Group have a whole host of products on offer offering something for home, travel and entertainment and stimulation for growing inquisitive toddlers.  You can view the whole Hauck Group range and we have also found an online store now stocking the complete range