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Children’s Books

June 4, 2009

Books can be such a fascinating and fun area for parents.  Can you remember back when your parents would read you that special bedtime story? Remember how you would visualise all the characters and sometimes your parents would do special voices for each person in the book.  Books just bring so much magic into our lives and  a way for us to enjoy special times with our children.  Superb opportunity for them to have fun learning to read and just be creative with their imagination.  So many books available for us to choose from, and what better way to research new books arriving than to click on book reviews.  Find out what other parents and children think of books they have recently reviwed.  Bizziebaby is just adding a whole host of children’s books online and some superb interactive books.  Just recently there has been a lot in the press about the Princess Poppy books.  A superb selection of books telling you about all the adventures Princess Poppy encounters.  Ideal book for any little girl.   A collection of Princess Poppy books you can read to your daughters and in time they will be able to immerse themselves in their own Princess Poppy world and read to you! Just so rewarding when your child is overjoyed being able to read their first book.  Not just a way to learn to read words but a superb way to enable them to use their imagination and ask questions.  Random books have a whole host of Princess Poppy books available so well worth checking out their website   Another great favourite with all young children just starting to recognise images, shapes, colours is the Usborne books   Just recently they launched the 10th Birthday special edition of  ‘That’s not my puppy’  book and the review is live online  well worth reading.  This is just the start of a whole host of fantastic books being reviewed by our testers.  So if you are looking for a special book for your baby, infant or toddler click on every so often and you will see a whole host of reviews from parents.  Ideal place to research books for you and your family.

We will update you tomorrow with more information from Bizziebaby.