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Too Much Exercise!!!

May 31, 2009

What a weekend and we certainly made the most of the sunshine. Yesterday decided to take a trip to the beach and also took our trusty portable swingball. Had a fantastic day, sun, sea, picnic and everyone joined in the fun playing swingball. Now we are paying the price. Yes, sun out and we thought we would keep up with the kids!!!! What were we thinking. They beat us every time and being competitive parents we would not give up. So we probably had more exercise in one day than we have had for the past month. Yes arms and legs are suffering today so will be a calm day with family round for BBQ. Although we both lost a few pounds so not complaining and we also found online at a great product the Elle TENS. I thought these were only for women in labour. Could not believe they would help general aches and pains. I had one I purchased when I had my second son and after reading the review in the pregnancy section thought I would give it a go. I hate taking tablets for pain. Last night me and hubby tried this out on our shoulder and legs. Funny sensation to start with but certainly eased out symptoms and will be using it again. You learn something new every day and glad I found my old Elle TENS unit as been a lifesaver. At least ready for action and we know we are using something natural. Must get hubby to try it out for migraine as suffers a lot from this. Anyway it worked for us and now I feel this possibly was a good investment. Never realised you could use it for so many other ailments. A brilliant find for me an hubby for sure.


Bizziebaby – research new products

May 29, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well we thought we would update you a bit on the developments and generally out ongoing daily routines at Let us first explain about Bizziebaby website. A website just for you. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, carer, dad, aunt, uncle just check out parents reviews online. Yes all our Bizziebaby members get products to keep and review. Some of the results are amazing and they take a long in-depth look at products and how they work. Plus sometimes they come up with ideas on different ways to use products that amaze all of us. That is saying something as between us we have a wealth of mums and dads with children ranging from newborn to 20 years. We thought we knew it all, but I can assure you our members are educating us which is brilliant. The Bizziebaby reviews are open to everyone and one great thing about the reviews is a full product description with image, which gives you superb information before you go into review page. When you are in the review page you will be able to read reviews from members and their views on how effective the product is. A superb way to get ideas for party gifts, birthdays, holiday items and to read about some new and unique products. Ideal way to check out what other parents think and feel and also catch up with a lot of visitors in the chat room. The Bizziebaby team spend a lot of time sourcing new products and items for the Bizziebaby testers to review. This means always something new being posted online and great source of informative information. The admin team are busy today editing a whole host of reviews that will go online. Also the website has an Organic area and Cosmetic area so something for us to pamper ourselves with. Toys section is great fun to read and recently some superb reviews for Concord 2nd/3rd stage car seat. Have a look online and let us know what you think as our email contact details are available online. Oh and before we forget check out some of the Bizziebaby Award winners as these are only awarded to companies based on YOUR REVIEWS. Great to know that as a tester you can post your votes and for those extra special products give them a gold or silver award. Some of the award winners are BabyBjorn, Grobag, Melobaby (from Australia), MyBuggyBuddy and these are a few of the exclusive gold winners. Silver has been awarded to Hauck Fun For Kids Travel cot, Funpod from Little Helper, Cuddledry, Bambino Merino sleeping bag, Lansinoh Breast milk storage bags, Ju Ju Between changing bag, Darren Chapling Photography, Mum2Mum Wonder Bib, Totseat, Trunki. Phew, these are just some that have been voeted the best and as each month goes by your votes make a difference and more companies are awarded your Bizziebaby Awards. Well we must sign off now as heaps of new product reviews coming through for us to try and upload this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine all of you and keep eye on as things change daily. Back soon

Hello world!

May 29, 2009

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